The Shine On Award


Writing can be a solitary affair, for the most part.  Unless you count the myriad of characters who tramp through my imagination as if it were Union Station, I don’t really talk to that many people.  Blogging is my way of not hiding in my office and having prolonged conversations with my apathetic cat, Salem (oh, and my husband too).

Today, I saw a note in my inbox from Gabriel Lucatero over at Shape Your Life

( that I had won The Shine On Award! What a great way to show people that you appreciate them! Part of the terms of accepting the award was to share seven facts about myself, so here goes:

1. I am always reading at least three books.

2. When yoga doesn’t work, I make pie to calm my mind.

3. Despite the fact that they are often portrayed as villains in cartoons, I think bats are cute.

4. I will only go camping under extreme circumstances (i.e. in the Australian outback, when my choices were a) camping or b) sleeping at the side of the road with the crocs and that python I ran over).

5. I’m kind of obsessed with Disney.

6. Sometimes, I am still convinced that there is a monster living under my bed.

7. Occasionally when I am walking or jogging, I imagine myself into a broadway musical number, because it makes everything way more fun.

I think blog awards are a fun way to connect with people and show that you support them, so I decided to reciprocate the kindness with a few blogs that I enjoy myself:

Julie Israel

Angela Jardine

Emily January

Allison Forsythe

L. Palmer

Oliver Tidy


The Mind’s Cabin


Cathy Writes Fantasy

Thanks for reading!


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