Story Starters, Or Inspiration in Bite size Form

A road map, because you never know where writing adventures will take you.
Map: Kaikoura, NZ

One of the best parts of writing has always been the imagined places that result from hours of scribbling on papers.  Stepping away from the writing desk sometimes feels like a good rest, when I know that I’ve written something that I care about.  Never mind whether the grammar is correct or whether or not the plot makes sense (that will come).  Sometimes, some of the best stories that I have written (and gone on to publish) have come from story starters and prompts. There are lots of excellent books that provide some fun and interesting prompts, but as an experiment, I’ve decided to create and share a new writing prompt every week on Wednesday, just to see what comes out of them.

Join me, if you like and we’ll see where this new adventure takes us.

Today’s prompt:

1. Write a scene including the words guidebook, lurk, artlessness, ocean book.

What sorts of prompts do you find lead to your best stories?  If you use prompts for freewriting or other writing adventures, how often do you use them?


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