Throwback Book Club: Vampire Academy

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Confession: I’ve never read Vampire Academy. I know, I know. It was a big movie ten years ago…but…it just fell off of my radar and I never read the series. Then, one day last week, I picked up a copy at my local thrift store because, well, why not? When I discovered the #throwbackbookclub organized by EmmaBooks, Adam Silvera and Michael BookLion I knew that I had to give Vampire Academy a shot…

Told from the perspective of Rose Hathaway, Vampire Academy is the story of Rose and her best friend Lissa’s return to St. Vladimir’s Academy after being on the run for two years. Rose, a half-vampire, half-human dhampir must protect Lissa (a full vampire) from the constant threat of the evil Strigoi; what they learn is that inside the academy might be just as dangerous than the outside…

A Whole New (Vampric) World

9781595143600I’ve read a lot of vampire books during the whole “glittering vampire” phase, but what I liked about this one was the unique use of vampire lore to create an entirely different world. Creating different kinds of vampires like “Strigoi” (the evil ones), “Moroi” (the royal ones) and “Dhampirs” (the half-human guardian ones) added a whole new dimension to the story.

Cool Narrative Devices

Richelle Mead also uses some interesting devices with narration. Although the narrative is told from Rose’s point of view, because she has a connection that allows her to see inside of Lissa’s mind, we are transported to Lissa’s point of view occasionally too. I thought this was a clever way to work with point of view. This and the fact that the mystery was drawn out slowly made Vampire Academy a quick read.

Girl Buddies Rule

My favourite part of this book was Rose and Lissa’s friendship. Even though there is romance in this story, the narrative mostly revolves around best friends and what it means to be a good friend. I think that this is a great message to have in a YA book, because while romance is always fun, it’s also awesome to see girl BFFs represented in a positive, non-catty light.

Girls rule!

What books have you been meaning to pick up but haven’t yet? Have you read Vampire Academy? What did you think of it?


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