Finding Stories in the Cemetery

Cemetery in New Zealand

Cemetery in New Zealand



There are a lot of different ways that I find inspiration.  I’m curious to know whether the ways that I find stories are similar (or completely weird) in relation to other writers.  I mean, I like to visit coffee shops and people watch at malls, on busses and planes…  It’s better than sitting in my office all day with the walls that are currently covered in post-it notes (literally floor to ceiling).

One place in particular that I have been interested in is the cemetery.  Maybe it’s because I’m currently writing a ghost story of sorts.  But it could also be the fact that there is something quiet and calming about the cemetery.  In the peace there is a silence like no other.  But most importantly, there are so many interesting names on the tombstones; I like to walk down the rows and imagine what the people were like.  What sorts of stories would they have to tell?

So my question is this: where do you find inspiration for stories?  What is the strangest place you have found inspiration?