Making lists are sort of a guilty pleasure for me. I like to make lists about everything, leaving a trail of scattered papers around the house. Naturally, I had to make a list of New Year’s resolutions. It went something like this:

1. Go jogging once in a while (hey, you never know when zombies are going to take over the world)

2. Finish another novel

3. Be more social (I tend to hide behind my MacBook in my office)

4. Learn how to pluck own eyebrows–no, really, I don’t know how…

5. Learn to appreciate the little things…and avoid junk food.

Inevitably, when making a list of resolutions the items on said list usually end up being things that I want to change about myself. So I had a thought. While change can be good, maybe it’s time that we spend the wee hours of the New Year appreciating what we think is awesome about ourselves. If positivity and inspiration is a state of mind, then it is up to us to cultivate that feeling.