Feed Your Muse #7



1. Begin writing with the line: “Nothing ever happens on dark and stormy nights anymore.” 

2. Write a scene about buttons.  See where it takes you. 

3. Start your story from the perspective of someone who intimidates you.



Feed Your Muse # 6

feed your muse


Sometimes, getting started writing is all about getting past thinking about what a good story might be and just picking up the pen.  Here are a few prompts that have helped me get started.

1. Choose a random book from your shelf and open it to page 10.  Select the the first sentence at the top of the page and start writing.

2.  Go out for a walk around the block and take note of everything you see.  Write for ten minutes about one thing that interests you.

3.  Begin your scene with the words “Everyone knows that…”

Happy writing!